Choosing your OBU

Selection of your OBU should be as easy as eating rice with a spoon. We only sell high quality scissors made with love, care and a 9 point quality check. With a curated range to make selection simple, the OBU range covers different cutting techniques to deliver the results you need.

Our MINARAI collection is for those looking for a high quality and affordable scissor or thinner. Made from Minarai steel with the same Lifetime Quality Guarantee and easy returns as our OBU MASUTA collection. 

Our OBU MASUTA collection is for masters of their craft looking for the highest quality Japanese steel scissors. Scissors that will perform and work alongside you day after day. With a Lifetime Guarantee and easy returns, buy with the same confidence that cherry blossom blooms in Spring. 

Please remember you can return any item purchased within 7 days for an exchange or your money back. So if you want to assess a few different OBU, we have made it easy for you to do so. You can simply return what you don't want for a refund. Click here for details.

If thinking of buying for a loved one, a colleague or a staff member, we also offer OBU Gift Cards starting from A$50. A great option for a gift that will keep on giving.

If you're still unsure which OBU fits your needs or have any questions, please send OBU a message.  We will answer. We promise.